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English for Specific Purpose

ESP Writing

Customized Language Class-Writing

The curriculum in this program can be adapted to accommodate depending on group request and need. The material covered in this program is based on current proofread paper and research that will further develop students’ ability to design and evaluate instructional materials aimed to meet the writing skill related contexts and abilities of English Language Learners. Students will be given a collection of proofread paper relating to their major. The papers are gathered from a variety of students representing current theories in the field.

ESP Writing
Customized Language Class(Lab/Writing) Level 1~Level3
Customized Language Class(English for Nuclear Engineering) Level 2
Customized Language Class(English for Life Science) Level 2
Customized language Class(English for Chemical Engineering) Level 2
Customized Language Class(English for Business Administration) Level 2
Customized language Class(Friends/Writing) Level 2~Level 3

ESP Speaking

Customized Language Course-Speaking

The Customized Language class is perfect for those seeking a short-tern intensive customized language class. This flexible curriculum English courses let students design their own course to suit to their goals. It begins at any level, from beginner to advance. They are ideal if students want to improve their general English skills in English education. It will allow students more time in the lab and they can choose where they want to study and the instructor will visit them in their lab or they can have classes at one of the LEC classrooms. Whether the students want to improve their academic opportunities, or learn for their personal fulfillment, these customized courses put the power in students’ hands.

ESP Speaking
Customized language Class (Lab speaking) -
Customized Language Class (Friends/Speaking) -