Credit Course

Korean Course

Korean Courses
Title Credit Targeted language areas Prerequisite
Korean Foundation 2 Fundamental communication NA
Korean for Everyday 2 Basic language functions required to daily life NA

※ Recommended for UNIST international students.

Korean Foundation

The aim of this class is developing abilities of non-native speakers. In the beginner level 1 the aim is that of fundamental communication in Korean, beginning with learning vowels and consonants, self-introductions, shopping, express of numbers, phone numbers, dates and prices, ask and give for direction, talking about your friend's schedule etc. Vocabulary related to time and location and students can also make sentences by themselves using basic verbs. Also, students will understand and express themselves in every day life situations.

Korean for Everyday

The purpose of the lecture is to improve Korean language ability of learners who are educated Korean language for more than 75 hours or has Korean language ability corresponding to the above. The lecture will make learners perform basic language functions required to daily life such as expressing a plan, ability, symptoms, describing, asking opinions, making suggestions, promising and expressing experience.