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The Conversation program is offered on a year-round basis, so you may choose to begin your studies when it is most convenient for you. Throughout the program, students will learn conversation skills needed for the everyday in English speaking culture. Conversation classes are small and offer many opportunities for interaction with the teacher and other students in class. Language learning is promoted through a variety of classroom activities. You will be able to fully master reading and speaking conversation in English. From knowing basic English(Introduction) to freely applying English grammar and speaking in English about society and culture(Advanced), you will be able to cultivate your English skills needed to participate in university lectures and activities. In addition to the Conversation programs with native English speaking instructors, LEC also provides the Conversation class with a Korean instructor. Students can practice and demonstrate their critical thinking skills by discussing general or complicated topics. Useful expressions and reading materials will be provided by a Korean instructor.

Offered Courses
Conversation Introduction
Conversation Intermediate
Conversation Advanced
Conversation (한국인 강사) Intermediate