Course Offering


Workplace English for Staff

English classes are provided twice a week for administrative staff members, mainly for proper staff members at the UNIST. For globalization of the campus and the staff members, providing English classes will motivate them to improve their English skills and communicate with international faculty members and students in English.

The basic plan is to provide 5 different levels with different contents, and after completing 5 levels, staff will receive an English Certification approved by UNIST Language Education Center. Each level has its unique programs based on the level of English. The detail program explanation is given below.

Level 1 (English for UNIST Administration) :

Basic English expressions used in workplace

Level 2 (Simple Writing / English for Customer Service) :

1) Simple Writing - Writing skills for business email and administration forms
2) English for Customer Service - Speaking skills for business in general and phone conversation

Level 3 (Campus Writing / Business Writing) :

1) Campus Writing - Writing skills for bulletin board and official documents
2) Business Meeting - Presentation skills for business meetings and writing skills for business minutes

Level 4 (Project Proposal Writing / Discussion) :

1) Project Proposal - Writing skills for one-page proposal and business plan
2) Discussion - Speaking skills for discussion about various topics related to current issues of high education system

Level 5 (discussion) :

Presentation - Writing skills for presentation scripts, designing presentation files with visual aids, and brushing up presentation skills in general

English Certification System for Staff