Communication Workshop

Communication Workshop


The LEC holds a series of communication workshops every semester to help students enhance their skills sets in speaking and writing. The LEC provides students with opportunities to better convey their thoughts on paper while learning how to better engage others through presentations. Enrolled students will gain knowledge from experienced professionals and be provided with a range of venues in which they may practice and improve.

Workshop Series
Writing Workshop

The writing workshop contributes to the intellectual and creative activities of the Building Writing class by providing extra lectures for students. It helps them solidify an idea, organize a paper, and tighten and unify an argument. A series of six lectures will be provided every semester.

Speaking Workshop

The speaking workshop focuses on developing speaking skills of students in the Building Speaking class for use in public speaking, group discussion and thesis defense. It helps them speak more effectively in English for academic purposes. A series of six lectures will be provided every semester.

Job Clinic Workshop

It is designed to provide students with practical tips for job search skills. It includes writing skills of application letters, resumes, cover letters and interviewing skills. Hands-on interviews and presentations will also be provided. A series of six lectures will be provided every semester.


It is designed to provide students with what the proofreading service provides and how to use it to maximum effect. Also, Hands-on writing activities will be offered along with lectures.

Communication Solutions Series
Korean Communication

A series of special lectures by prominent writers will be provided for students to enhance their critical thinking and writing skills in Korean.

English Communication

A variety of lecturers from all walks of life will be invited to inspire students for English learning in particular speaking and writing.