UNIST Academic Vocabulary

For the UNISTARs (UNIST students, professors, staff members), to successfully complete ten English-mediated courses offered at UNIST, they should command a decent level of content-specific academic vocabulary knowledge for each discipline. The UNIST Academic Vocabulary bridges the gap between the UNISTARs’ first stepping stone towards the English-mediated classes and the pillars of academic English proficiency. A total of 314 words are presented in the book (386 words in its full-version) which can be obtained at the UNIST Language Education Center (LEC). The words are learned with a smartphone application called "Keydic" which was developed by NIMBUS, a students' club that developes smartphone applications.

LEC also offers online activity to enhance the UNIST Academic Vocabulary learning. Please follow the links below to join us on which is a complimentary vocabulary learning web-site.

1. Evolution of Civilization
2. Arts and Creativity
3. Effective Communication
4. Society and Culture
5. Literature and Creativity
6. What is I
7. Music and Creativity 1
8. Music and Creativity 2
9. General Biology
10. General Chemistry
11. General Physics